Menu Plan Monday

Week of Feb. 5, 2007

Monday - Leg of Lamb slow cooker / rice 9 WW pts

Tuesday - Chicken Fried Rice (recipe will be posted) 6 points (really only 3, but I like double serving sizes with this)

Wednesday - Paella Chowder - this is really good 6 pts

Thursday - Cornish Hens with Ratatouille Casserole - (weight watchers complete cookbook, 331) - take the skin off the hen - the whole thing is only 6 pts !! Ratatouille adds one more point - add some leftover rice, or couscous

Friday - Leftovers

Saturday - decided AFTER WW meeting


Angie said…
Hope your weigh in is better than you think it is. I fell off the WW wagon two weeks ago and am having a hard time getting back on.
annie said…
Love that you post the points!
Great menu!
Have a great week:)
Melessa said…
Thanks for posting the points with your menu. I'm not attending WW right now, but I have in the past and I still try hard to eat right.
Anonymous said…
Hey Jerzy... can you turn your rss feed on? If you are not sure how, I can help.

Thanks for joining in the fun!

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