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Class of 2018

I can't begin to say how proud I am of my daughter.  She is #2 out of 4, so as one of the "middles" she could have easily been overlooked, but she's made a name for herself.  She's an amazing swimmer, more dedicated than most, has given up a lot of typical teenage stuff - like movies and sleepovers with friends, because she always had swim practice.  

It paid off, and yesterday was her official signing day for Rider University.  Rider was a very smart choice on her part.  It is pretty close to where we live now, less than a 2 hour drive.   It is small, and she wanted a small university, but it is also Division I, meaning she can continue to train, and they were able to give her money towards her college years.  If she decides after a year or two of college that she wasn't meant for college, then she won't be left deeply in debt, but she is also able to get a great education at Rider, so she's happy with her choice.

Here she is with her best friend La…

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