Tuesday, May 16, 2017

My New Jeep

I've been watching a used 2015 Jeep for about a month or two now.  Finally I decided to take the drive up to test drive.  I received an e-mail early yesterday morning that it was still there.  But it wasn't.  Usually I would have gotten pissed off that I was basically "tricked" into driving an hour away, but after the deal I got on a brand new Jeep, (it had less than 1 mile on it when I first took it for a test drive) I couldn't pass it up.  This will most likely be my forever car.  They are installing running boards on it, so that when I do get old, I'll still be able to get into my Jeep.  The best part .... it's stick shift - and no one else in my house can drive stick !  Now to think of a name for her.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Flying Like the Wind

Anyone that knows me, knows we are a swimming family.  Maybe because I am a Pisces I love the water so much, but I love everything about water, pools, baths, the ocean, the lakes, give me a body of water and I'm jumping in.

My kids all swim too.  At one time or another, they've all competed on a swim team.  Two of them still practice year round, 5-7 times a week.  For 3 hours each practice.  So yes, our life pretty much revolved around swimming.  Until now.

Adam decided out of the blue he was going out for the track and field team at his middle school.  Since I threw both shot and discus in high school, I'm sure we've talked about it, but never did I think I'd have a kid follow in my footsteps.  So a month ago, he went out for the team.  It was right before Spring Break, so I figured I'd buy him a discus so he could practice, seeing as the other kids have already been doing this for 2 years.  I showed him a few pointers, and he went from 40' right before Spring Break to 68' by the time Spring break was over.

This past Tuesday was his first track meet.  I can't tell you how proud I am of him, his first meet, and he won.  He practices after school every day, then most days goes on to swim practice.  Here is his first winning through of 88'1"

Early Garden

There is really nothing I like better than working barefoot in my garden.  It's still pretty cool here at the Jersey shore, especially for May.   Right now Alexa tells me it's only 57*, with a high of 61* and a low of 48*.   Great weather to work outside, but not warm enough for things to really grow.

I do have some things going - my planter that I got from Sam's --- love this, makes having lettuce and herbs right outside my door both accessible and attractive.
As I pull the lettuce or kale out, I can simply replace with smaller plants or seeds.  I keep it really close to the house, so although it does get morning sun, it's in shade for the hottest parts of the day, and that helped all the herbs not to bolt last year.  The only downside is that it doesn't hold much water, so watering every 3rd day or so is necessary.

Also loving the look of my step flowers this year.  
They are quickly growing right up the flower trellises I purchases.  I bought good metal ones that I can use over and over.  I think I need a new bright welcome mat though !  You can also see my little lemon tree up on a stool and there are a few extra tomato plants in containers that didn't fit in the garden.

I have raised beds for a garden here.  Not enough space for a full on fenced garden, but it's enough to keep me happy, and provide some fresh veggies for the family.  
By the time Sham gets home from Columbia, the lettuce will be ready to be picked.  The pepper plants behind them look sad ... so cool out, they'll grow when it gets warmer.  There are 2 more rows of lettuce that should sprout soon, succession planting keeps us in fresh lettuce for about a month.  My garlic is doing wonderful.  I planted a lot of that this year - I'll take more photos later... but if you've never tried fresh garlic - I highly recommend it, you'll hate going back to grocery store garlic after using fresh !

Travels to Columbia

Most know that my husband loves to travel.  He usually travels alone, since the kids are still in school and not old enough to be left alone for 6 weeks at a shot !

Anyway, for the past 4 weeks he's been in Columbia, exactly 2,222 miles away from me (I can still track his iPhone... how cool is that!)   He has another 2 weeks before he travels home.  I have to say that I am ready for him to be home.  We are self employed, so that means when he travels, I get to do my job, his job, and be mom and dad to the kids.

He spent the first few weeks in Bogota with friends, and now is traveling through Bucaramanga.  He went to Columbia last November for 6 weeks, so he knows his way around the country pretty well.  While it might be somewhere I'd consider retiring to, he knows if it's not really close (like walking distance close) to the water, I'm not moving !