Friday, January 24, 2014

New Year - Great Start - Vitamix !!

I wanted a Vitamix for years and years.  They are expensive !  I had a hard time spending that kind of money on an appliance I wasn't sure I would use.  Then - my MIL got sick, and the hubster took one to her, made her smoothies every day, and within a week, she got her strength back.  That was all it took - he called me and told me to order the one I wanted (which was even more expensive, because if I was going to order the Vitamix, I wanted the one I could grind my own wheat with, so I could bake my own bread, and be as natural as possible. 

Vitamix Professional Series 750 with 64 oz container, Brushed Stainless Finish

This is the one I got - the Vitamix $750.  I found a deal around Christmas time where they had the extra jars for $50 - so I got an extra dry jar as well (I've heard you can use your wet jar, but it'll scratch up the inside of the jar - figured it was worth the extra $50)

I love it.  I use it at LEAST once a day.  I make the hubster a smoothie every single morning - I use 2 handfuls of spinach, some carrots, some chia seeds, protein powder, almond milk and frozen fruit.  He drinks it after his morning coffee - and he's good until dinner time.  Amazing.  I make the kids smoothies too - but I don't put in so much spinach that they can see the green (as long as it's still red, they think I just used fruit)   Everything gets so well pulvarized - you cannot tell what's inside !  Amazing.  Why did I wait so long ???

So - on my save money and eat healthy kick - next up -  a food saver ..... stay tuned, I have to do my research first !

Monday, January 13, 2014

Adam's best swim meet ever !

Most of my swimming posts are about my super swimmer - Leenah.  But my son may have some dreams of greatness of his own.  Somehow Leenah convinced him that he could make a Junior Olympic time - and that we could all go to Penn State this summer (She will age up before the next summer JO's - so she cannot compete there anymore)   He came out and went off the blocks with every intention of trying to make it.  And he came close.  Closer than I ever thought he'd get.  He lost time in every event he swam.  I'm not sure which I was more impressed with, his 5 second lost on his 50 free with a perfect flip turn, his 7 second loss with his 50 back, with another perfect turn, or his 12 second loss on his 100 free - and he swam with purpose every stroke, and when his coaches told him to kick, he kicked his little heart out.  He was amazing.  There isn't a prouder mother in the entire world today.  This little man, born at only 23 weeks, was not given much of a chance to live, much less a chance to survive.  He was 1 lb 3 ounces when born.  I was told if he did survive he'd be severely brain damaged ....  but we never gave up, and neither did he.  My friends all send positive vibes, prayers, emails, phone calls, more prayers, whatever they thought would help, and it did.  God was listening.  And He still is.

Recipe - Crockpot Beef Stroganoff

From All Recipes

2 pounds cubed stew meat
2 cans Condensed Golden Mushroom Soup
1 largish onion diced
2-3-4 tabls of Worcestershire
1/2 water
8 oz of cream cheese
couple of dashes of Garlic Salt
couple dashes of Hot Paprika (see I just can't believe this would be good without some sort of kick)

In the slow cooker stir in all the ingredients, except the meat AND the Cream Cheese, together. Once combined add the meat and mix together.

Cook on Low for 8 hours. Cut up the cream cheese into cubes just before serving and turn crockpot on high. Stir the cream cheese in until all combined. You might have to put the lid back on and leave for 10 minutes.

Serve over egg noodles. Or mashed potatoes, I won't tell anyone but I would really like to not be alone in this.