Feb. 7, 2007

Checked out the scale this a.m. - looking better. Still a few more days until my WW meeting though, so I'm being careful. I've had some people emailing me about a WW point tracker that they can download to their desktop. It also figures out your AP. If you are interested - simply email me and I'll email it back. I tried to download it to an MSN site (scroll down to January) but if you aren't already a member of an MSN group, you have to do all that before you can access it. BUT - if you are a member of an MSN group already - check out this group - join if you have to, and you'll find the tracker, plus other downloads (like a point tracker for excel).

I also run a MSN group for ladies that have 100 or more lbs to loose. Small group - but if you'd like to join us - we'd be more than happy to have you. WE have THOUSANDS of WW friendly recipes, plus lots of other information. You will have to be "approved" (we try to keep out lurkers/men/unfriendly's) but that usually doesn't take long. Some of us are now much closer to goal then we were years ago - so if you only have 50 or so lbs to loose - you can still join in on the fun.

Where am I shopping today? Haven't been doing as much online shopping - trying to save some $$$ - but if it's a really good deal - I'm all over it. The only one that caught my interest lately is Lands End sales - their winter blow out, and they have women's bras marked down 77%. Their t-shirt bra for $6 is a pretty good deal, happy shopping.


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