Happy Valentines Day

Hope everyone is having a great (snowy,icy, rainy, windy, cold) kinda day !! We woke up to very hard rain (I wish it had been snow) - but - now it seems to be over.

Made the Golden Artichoke Chicken Bake last night (well, dd #1 made it). It was pretty good. I made it with 1/2 chicken breasts (dh and I) and 1/2 chicken thighs (kids). This was one recipe where the breasts actually tasted better in the end - they did not dry out - even though we cooked them early in the evening (done around 4pm) then reheated them for dinner (at 7pm)

Dinner tonight - shrimp paella - I love it - and I already know I can leave it without it getting mushy. Saved 6 cupcakes from ds's Valentines Day party - those will be our Valentines Day dessert.



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