Sunday, February 14, 2010

Time To Sew

Free Shipping on orders $35+

While I love to quilt - and it really relaxes me - sometimes I have to sew for a more Necessary Reason. When I pulled in the driveway last night - I noticed that the kids need new curtains - so - my standby for that type of material -

for $1.95 a yard - I can get drapery material - I usually get 4-6 yards - and make them matching pillows with whatever is left. Sometimes they have really neat gifts on sale as well - and right now if you use coupon code 3PLTRY9 you should get 30% off of a $50 order - plus free shipping !! For $46 I got 21 yards of fabric and 3 awesome gifts - and that includes delivery ! Of course, that blows my "I will try NOT to buy more fabric this year" - but since it'll all get used pretty quickly - that's OK !

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