Congrats Again to DD !

The director of the State Swim Meet mailed me all the medals and ribbons for the team - it was a long, snowy weekend, and our coach simply wanted to get home, and had forgotten all about them. Anyway - dd #2 ended up with 3rd place High Points (all the rewards pictured are hers) - I'm really, really proud of her. With that finish, she is eligible to swim on the Zone Team - but this years Zone Meet is a good 7 hours away in upstate New York. If it was held during a warmer time of the year - I'd think about going - so close to Niagara Falls - it would make a great vacation. But since it'll still be cold, I think we'll have to pass on this one. She still has the Junior Olympics coming up - and lots more years to swim - God Willing. Either way - I'm proud of you little girl !


Marti said…
What am accomplishment! I look forward to seeing her on tv some day.

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