What would a winter day be without shoveling snow ?

Yep - I was out at 7 a.m. again this a.m. - only about 4-6 inches - but since there was also a very high wind last night - I had some major drifting to contend with. DD #1 was out to help within 30 minutes - and 2 hours later - we were done. It was bright and sunny all day - so instead of having a icy driveway like all our neighbors who didn't shovel - ours is bone dry, nice !

I did get the kids out to play for about an hour - but I think the snow is starting to wear on them as well - so we made valentines !!

This photo is for a very good friend of mine that introduced me to card making. Now of course we do nothing compared to the works of art she sends me - but those first graders will certainly be impressed !!

Oh, and I wanted to bookmark this blog post - definitely going to be trying this pie in the near future Swedish Apple Pie from Salad in a Jar.


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