Snow? Who said snow?

Ahhh - the backyard - I think it'll be a few days before I heat up the ol' BBQ grill !

Adam realized he could move better on the top of the snow then trying to walk - too bad mom weighs too much to crawl across the top !
I was surprised to see the air pump managed to keep a hole in the ice - even with all that snow. I'll throw in some heating rings later to get rid of the rest of the snow/ice

Adam and his sisters built a wonderful snow fort while I shoveled the driveway (with help from DD #1) Here he is taking a break ... no where do I see a pile of snowballs - of course, I made my stockpile - and have it well hidden - at the first inkling of a snowball fight - I'm ready !!!

This is my "SNOWFORT" - Bessie - the wonderful Suburban ! It'll be a few days before I get her dug out - but she makes an excellent snow fort !!

I think it's supposed to snow again later in the week - yipppeee !!!


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