amazon Wii Deals

Wow - after waiting a few hours -Biggest Loser for Wii finally went on sale at 3 p.m. - by 3:03 - it was already 50% sold. It's not going to last long.

Edit - it's now 3:06 and it's over 85% gone - the next one I want does't go off until 11 p.m. - I guess I'll be setting my alarm clock !

They will also be selling a 4 remote charger, and looks like Wii Fit - and maybe Wii Active ??? Every few hours something new goes on sale - click on the link above - then at the top of the page click on gold box specials. The Biggest Loser is now sold out (3:09) so if you think you're going to want to buy an upcoming gold box special - make sure you know what time it starts !


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