The End is in Sight

If you know me IRL - you know I've been battling a foot problem for nearly 2 months now. It's started with that pain in the heel ... plantars fascitus. An Xray also revealed a heel spur - Joy, Joy. After a painful shot of cortisone didn't touch the pain - it was determined that surgery was about the only option. OK - I'm fine with that. Owww - a 3 inch incision made right across the heel - the first place your foot hits the ground?

But the problems began about a week after surgery - while serving dinner - something went POP. And the swelling started. And it got bigger. And bigger. DD #1 (who I THOUGHT might become a Dr. - I'm rethinking that now) - kept poking it - asking "does this hurt" & "how about here". No bedside manner there. Yes, it hurt. DO NOT POKE IT - IT may POP !

A month later - still swollen like a balloon - MRI time. If you've never had an MRI - it can be very noisy - or if your a mom of 4 wonderfully normal LOUD children - it can be very relaxing. With earplugs in - and knowing I wouldn't be bothered for the next 30 minutes - I nearly feel asleep.

The diagnosis - the tendon that was torn (that POP) is healing on it's on. The swelling is due to either

a. A blod clot from the surgery


b. - My arch reforming itself

Either way - just Aspirin and Advil for a month to get the blood flowing and the swelling down. Sounds good - I just wish it wouldn't look like this -


Marti said…
Ye-ouch! That looks painful. I think that pop would have sent me back to the doctor.

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