Friday, May 9, 2008

What a great local Police Station we have -

Just gotta share this one - a WW buddy of mine is married to a special kind of cop. He went out of his way to arrange a special day for my son - who will be turning 5 this week. No, it wasn't just your usual tour of the station - at 9:30 a.m. a trooper pulled into my driveway - lights going, sirens blaring ... we do live in a quiet neighborhood - it WAS noticed LOL. Anyway, DS had no qualms about getting into the cruiser, and off they sped, again - lights flashing and sirens blaring (just imagine what the neighbors NOW think). Then - nothing. I didn't hear from him again for 2 hours. When he came home - it was in an unmarked vehicle, with not just one, but two dectives and a bag of goodies - and when I mean a bag, it was a big bag filled with trading cards of the officers he met, all kinds of chocolate and candies, a police car (not a little matchbox one either - a nice big one with working doors and trunk and lights on top). They had even offered him handcuffs, but of course, he was prepared and already had his own LOL. They also sent him home pictures on CD of some of the things he did. I downloaded the one of him on a police chopper to my phone - so cute !! Saying thank you for this special day, as well as the day to day dangers they face while protecting our community doesn't seem to be enough. So lets make today a day to remember our police force and those that put their life on the line for us everyday.

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Farmee said...

How fun! I can still remember standing out at recess and calling you on my cell phone to see how things were going when our young mister was born. What a great birthday gift...a memory for always.