Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happy Sunday

Yesterday's WI was ok - down .4 lbs - could have been better. Tried to stay off the scale yesterday and this a.m. - impossible. I'm going to have to put the scale either up in the attic, down in the basement, or out in the garage.

Had some birthday cake last night - I worked hard all day, got the yard mowed and trimmed, fired up the chainsaw for the first time this year, and worked on the debris that fell with last weekends storm. Still have one big piece to cut up, we'll save that for firewood, but the chain was getting dull, and I didn't feel like changing it - I'll finish that up today.

Kids are in the kitchen having breakfast. DH out playing tennis - I think I'll go sew !!

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Farmee said...

He looks so cute in his fire hat. Can't believe our Little Man is 5. Sigh...he's tooo big. Our "Not So Little Man."