Monday, September 17, 2007

Missed my Meeting :(

Missed last Saturday's meeting - kinda bummed. Since it's Ramadan - we need to get up early before the sun starts to rise - which means eating breakfast at 5 a.m. Last Saturday - after feeding the kids, I went to snooze for an hour or so before my meeting - and next thing I knew - it was 8 a.m. I could have gone to a later meeting - but since one of the main reasons I go to my 7 a.m. meeting are the people that sit with me and encourage me - why bother? Anyway - I will NOT miss next Saturday's meeting. I need to remember to change my alarm clock when I get up - or else just not lay back down !!

Anyway - swimming is back at night - so dinners are screwed up again. Tonight I'm making some type of Egyptian beef with onions and rice. Salad on the side, of course, since dh's tomatoes are finally turning red. Tomorrow - Kufta - and Egyptian ground meat - sorta like a hamburger - but with lots of spices and cilantro mixed in. We'll have that on pita bread with yogurt and salad - and maybe some potatoes or something. Wednesday - stuffed Cornish Hens. Thursday - maybe grilled lamb? Haven't thought that far ahead. During Ramadan - whenever he can, dh takes all the kids to the mosque to eat - meaning I get lots of leftovers if I cook every day. Yesterday I made a large pan of eggplant parm (dh's eggplants are coming in like crazy as well). Since I made my own sauce from fresh tomatoes, and added lots of garlic, and no fat mozz. cheese - it's probably pretty healthy (I grilled the eggplants outside with olive oil spray - instead of frying them!

Will check back in later - just received the newest Cooking Light magazine - so if time permits - going to browse through that one.

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