Saturday, September 1, 2007

Menu's and such -

Another good week at WW - journaling is certainly the key - that and drinking enough water. Just a few more pounds and I'll be back to my lowest weight ever. Good deal. Ordered my ring yesterday - it was going to be my gift to me after hitting Onederland, but I'm hoping I'm well into Onederland by the time it gets here (6 - 8 weeks) Got my clothes from the order down below - I can't believe how much stuff I got for so little money. The shoes are real leather - the clothing is well made and cheap enough that if it only fits me for one year - I won't feel bad passing it on !!!

Now - whats cooking.

Not sure what's going to cook what day - so I just listed it as day 1, day 2 - you get the idea. That way - depending on what I get out of the freezer - well, thats dinner !!

day 1 - Turkey breasts bbq on the grill. I picked up 4 of the london broil turkey steaks - great buy at Shoprite this week. Putting my normal chicken rub on them and will toss them on a very hot grill so they get done before they get dried out. Served with corn on the cob, and either potatoes or rice.

day 2 - lamb - dh wants to cook - if he cooks today - I'll make the turkey anyway, just in case the kids don't like the lamb. He's using the pressure cooker - which usually ends up with pretty tender meat - but he likes lots of peppers - so good to have a backup.

day 3 - SLOW COOKER - a friend got a new slow cooker - so I'm going to share some of my best slow cooker recipes - this one is for 40 clove chicken - tried and true - if you like garlic. Amazingly enough - the garlic isn't as strong as it sounds, and there is usually enough left over to spread on garlic bread the next day. You don't have to use fresh herbs - just rub whatever you have fresh or dried all over.

day 4 - SLOW COOKER - while having my fridge/freezer fixed last week - I "found" a couple of roasts I forgot about - so this will be perfect. Served over mashed taters I suppose - maybe some green bean casserole on the side

day 5 - FISH - not sure whats on sale - maybe Tilapia - I have 2 whole tilapia in the freezer - if I grill those for dh - I'll make salmon cakes or something for me and the kids. Rice goes well with fish and salads.

day 6 - lasagna - no boil recipe - will find it and link it later - love those noodles that don't need to be cooked and finally

day 7 - leftovers - always good the day before WI - since I don't eat dinner on Fridays.....

Have a great week !

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