Saturday, September 8, 2007

Update and recipes

WW meeting this a.m. was good. I didn't WI - for some reason the scale took a very big jump yesterday (although I didn't overeat at all). So - I skipped WI instead of getting myself down. Next week I'll weigh in no matter what !!

Ramadan is coming - so I'll be cooking. The kids sometimes go out to eat with dh at the mosque - so I'll stock up on Lean Cuisene. I usually don't go - as the food tends to be much heavier then I like to eat.

I posted a new recipe - Chocolate Cake with Banana Cream - taken from the new WW dessert cookbook. I'll post a review after we try it (today)

Also will try something with dates - just not sure what yet !!

Menu -

Saturday - Tilapia with coconut panko, rice and corn on the cob

Sunday - Steaks and mashed taters, bbq'd egg plant and salads

Monday - bbq'd chicken thighs, baked taters, string bean casserole

Tuesday - shrimp and pasta with salads

Wednesday - 40 clove chicken in the crock and fresh bread

Thursday - some kind of fish - depending on whats on sale. LOL

Friday - leftovers

Will post more recipes as I come across them, but I wanted to get the week planned out. I seem to do so much better if I have the menu planned. Like I've already figured out my entire food for the day - and I have 3 pts leftover - more if I cut the grass and trim and swim (gotta get those AP's!)

Have a great week all !!!


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