Sunday, April 4, 2010

Design Wall Monday -

If it weren't for Judy at Patchwork Times - I would never get myself sewing - even though I love it - I always seem to find something else to do for someone else.  But I had to finish this one - Remember this post from about a month ago.  It's a gift - and I need it finished by the end of this month to take with me on a small retreat.  Well, I got this far, then had college classes to finish - so I put it away
Yesterday I decided I better get moving - I was just going to post this one picture and see if anyone could figure out what it was - I didn't think I'd get so much done - but it went together pretty quickly - and in less than two days

I got the entire thing put together.  It's beautiful outside - so I want to go play with the kids - but I figured I'd better find this deer a home first - before pieces went missing - so

Here he is, in all his glory.  He needs a name.  We used "Norm" on the snow camel we made a couple months ago.  So time to brainstorm.  Of course, it still needs to be sandwiched and quilted - but I loved, loved, loved this project - and will definately be doing more (well, I'll see how hard it is to quilt first, before I say that !)


Cathy Shepherd said...

That is absolutely beautiful!!!! I love the way the fabrics make it look like a painting. Great job!

Valerie said...

Oh that is working up very pretty!