Thursday, April 1, 2010

Calphalon Review #1 (and a recipe for Hummus in the crockpot)

Used the 10# fry pan last night for eggs (yes, I know it wasn't on my menu, but the kids wanted eggs and periogies - and it's a lot easier then what I was planning!) 

Verdict - awesome pan.  When they said "slide" - it did.  I have 3 kids that like dippy eggs, and 1 that doesn't - usually I start with the dippy eggs, and when I break one - it goes to the kid that doesn't.  She usually ends up eating before everyone else.  Not last night.  Nope - pan #1 of dippy eggs - perfectly flipped and fine.  Pan #2 - the same.  Pan #3 - 2 more perfect dippy eggs.  Kid #4 was just watching, I don't think she likes my new pans so much - because whoever gets their eggs first gets first dibs on the pot of perrogies ... she was afraid they'd be all gone by the time she got her eggs.

I did use the smallest pat of butter to make the eggs - but 1/2 TBS in the beginning - and that's all I used, including making my own eggs AFTER #4 got her scrambled eggs.  I LOVE 10" Fry Pan.

What's cooking - Hummus in the Crock -

I'm making lamb today (yes, I know it's not on the menu either) - but it was on sale (I love Easter just for that reason - I know have 7 legs of lamb in my freezer).  With the lamb I'll serve garlic smashed red skinned potatoes, green beans and hummus with fresh pita bread.  I soaked the chickpeas in water overnight (no salt).  This morning I drained the water, put fresh in, and put the crock on high.  I'll turn it down to low in an hour or so.  I also put on 4 heads of garlic to roast.  Since we use so much roasted garlic - I bought one of these

I loved it so much, I bought another for our home in Egypt.  (I bought the silver ones)  They do a wonderful job of roasting garlic - and cleanup is a breeze - I just wipe with a papertowel - I leave a film of olive oil - it won't hurt anything !
Anyway - the garlic is roasting, so when it comes time to make hummus, I'll have plenty to add (I'll save some for the potatoes).  I'm not sure if I'll add tahini to my hummus yet - I have to see if I have enough lemons to make it tasty - if I do, then I'll skip the tahini and save some fat calories !

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