Chase Nutley

Think I spelled it wrong?

Nope - meet Chase Nutley -

Isn't he adorable?  DD found him last Friday - we saw some fresh road kill earlier in the week - I guess that was mom ?  Anyway - Chase was pretty hungry - so we fed him some sugar water to get him rehydrated, then off to the pet store to buy some puppy formula for his first days.   By Sunday - a local wildlife caretaker finally called me back - and said she could take care of him and would release him into the wild once he was big enough.  Kids were sad to see him go.

I was kinda sad too.  He was awful cute, and he simply slept and ate, ate and slept.  Just like my kids did so long, long ago.  Boy, do I miss those good times !


Marti said…
Awww, he's so cute! I have a friend who works at a vet's office, and she always has a pet squirrel that someone brought in and it couldn't be released into the wild.

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