Sunday, October 21, 2007

Some Ramblings -

Well - to start off - I was up this weekend at WW. Course, after last weeks loss - I didn't really expect to have another big loss - but I wish I would have maintained at least. Oh well. Course, then yesterday it was such a beautiful day - took the kids to a few parks - and we ate outside - more than I should have of course. Lots of pretzels - salt will catch up with me today or tomorrow - so drinking lots of water. Going toa local amusement park today to celebrate dd's birthday - so probably another day of not so great food choices.

I do have on my pedometer today. My goal this week - never go to bed with under 10,000 steps. If 8 pm rolls around and I'm a bit short - I'm hopping on my treadmill. I've said it, so now I must do it.

A friend from my WW meetings let me borrow one of her cookbooks - I'll browse that tonight and see if there is anything new I'd like to try. This weeks menu - not so sure yet - tonight will probably be pizza. Tomorrow will be chicken thighs on the grill - I'll cook early cause the kids will be swimming at night. Tuesday I think I'll do fish of some sort. Wednesday maybe stuffed shells. Thursday - meatloaf? And Friday of course, leftovers.

Been hunting around for a private trainer who would come to the house and work with us as a family. So far - no go. Our swim team coach has said something about it - maybe I'll ask him if he could work with us. Gotta do something to get dh on track.

Better get moving - will catch up later.


Farmee said...

I'm proud of you for keeping yourself going, duck. You just jump in where you are. hmmm...wonder where that came from.

Anywho, IM me some time.

TobyBo said...

Hi Jerzy,

Miss you over at Healthy Mom. I'm glad you're still at the healthy stuff. Hope you can find a trainer, that seems like a great idea.

Take care, Toby