Back From Florida -

Had a wonderful, wonderful time ! Definately would recommend the Liki Tiki Village to anyone who was looking for a relaxing and not too expensive Florida vacation. We paid $100/night for a 2 bedroom apartment - it had a full living room, a deck, a king size bed in the master bedroom with it's own bathroom - complete with a jacuzzi tub that easily will fit 2 large adults. The second bedroom had 2 beds - maybe doubles? Or Fulls. Plus their own full bathroom across the hall. Each room had it's own TV - the living room also had a tv and a queen size sleeper sofa. The dining table had seating for 6 - and the kitchen had all modern appliances including a dishwasher and washer/dryer - so no need to overpack !! The only thing we did that cost extra was a seafood buffet one night (think all you can eat lobster tails !!) and a dinner/theater - Arabian Nights - very $$ - but very worth it - especially if you have horse crazy kids. I'll post pics later.

On the weight loss front - didn't do too well on vacation. I know what to do, I know HOW to do it, I know what I NEED to do - it's just putting everything together and getting back on track. Ramadan is over next week - and God willing - on Monday the 15th - I'll be back on a normal schedule - including lots of water and lots of treadmilling ! I promised myself a certain goal by the end of Ramadan - but it doesn't look like I'll make it. So - I'll give myself to the end of October - I know I can do this - just need to get serious !



Farmee said…
Sounds like you had a good time, duckee. Your card is a conversation starter. Thanks for remembering me.

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