Free Shipping at Lands End -

Love, love, love Lands End - their boots, their all weather clogs, their clothes that last forever!

Anyway - they are offering free shipping - through this link - until Tuesday, Oct.16. Not sure if it'll work in the outlet and overstock - but I'll let you know as soon as I go shopping. Perfect time to start your holiday shopping !

Yep - free shipping on your entire order. Some excellent deals in their overstocks and on the counter deals - some things that I purchased -

flannel sleep shirts - $1.50
a pet sherpa jacket - $5
swim suits for dh - about $17 each
lots of socks - 3 packs for $6 (includes mens, womens and kids)
Jeans for girls - from $10-$15
twill pants for me - $7.50

When I order - if I'm not sure of the size - I order 2 or 3 sizes - if you live near a Sears store - returns are simple and easy !!!

When you click on the link above - make sure to write down the source code and pin that pop up - you'll need them for the 3 day free shipping when you check out !



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