Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Didn't I say "Not Break Anything?"

if you read the previous post - I think I posted about not breaking anything while riding the horses .... well, 1 ambulance ride, 1 ER visit, 1 referral, and 1 visit back to our favorite Ortho Doc = a broken elbow - in 2 places no less - URGH ! Yep - same dd - #2 - but not from riding - she was FEEDING the horses, and tripped over a cut down piece of bamboo - landed hard on her elbow - and that was that!

I rode in the ambulance with her - since we were so far from home - it was easier on dh and the rest of the kids. They went to Chuck E Cheese - we went to the ER. We were actually in and out pretty quick - although they waited until our Ortho guy saw the x-rays in case he wanted to do surgery - urgh again. No surgery - barely. He said if the one break was just a bit worse, that would have been different as well.

BRIGHT PINK cast - just like mom's last one - although it looks so much better on her then on me !

I did blow my eating that Sunday - the stress and all - so Monday I fasted, and today I'll limit myself to liquids until dinnertime. We're doing Chinese Buffet - so I'll try and stick to salad and U-peel shrimp. High in Sodium - so I'll be careful the rest of the week.

Tomorrow I'll be making the italian sausage with black eyed peas and kale. Thursday I'll do a bottom round roast in the crock. Plus I'll make the red lentils as well - maybe tomorrow - in case the kids don't like the black eyed peas - they'll have another option.

TODAY is the LAST DAY for free shipping at Lands End !!! Click on the link below - then follow it to Lands End - but this time use the source code PUMPKIN and the pin 513513513 for Free Shipping. If you live close to a Sears store - returns are soooo easy. Some of the things I got in this order -

robe for ds $10
bath mat for dd's bath - $20 (but it's a bamboo one - I love those)
winter hats for everyone - $5 each
more socks (LOVE lands end socks)
and some more stuff - anything that doesn't fit simply goes back - I don't loose anything - since shipping was free !!!

Have a great day - will check back in later.


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Farmee said...

Oh man...that girl needs bubble wrap. Give her a hug from Aunt Farmee, please. And yes, you get one, too.