WW point tracker for your computer - free

You should be able to download this point tracker right to your desktop (it should show up as a little apple. There is an option to turn fractional points on/off - I like them on - because if something is 1.1 pts and I eat 2 servings - then it should only be counted as 2 pts. BUT - if I eat something that is 1.4 pts and I eat 2 servings - then I need to count it as 3 pts - KWIM? It also calculates your activity points.

Anyway - I can't figure out how to link a program here - so I'm linking it to an old MSN board I used to own. The program you want to download is called pointsJerzy.exe - there are also trackers there - flex point trackers, and weight loss trackers - both work with excel - feel free to download those as well. And if you remember the winning points, and the Wendie plan - there is a journal for that as well - also requires excel.


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