Tuesday - Jan 23

Oooops - forgot to post a weekly menu yesterday - sorry !! Been working on taxes - you know what that does ! Anyway -

Monday - Chicken thighs on the grill - I usually don't endorse one product over another - but if you like BBQ chicken with a really tasty rub on it - not bbq sauce, but something a bit spicier, but not as messy - try this - Rub it on the chicken and let sit overnight (I've let mine sit for 2 days in the fridge - it's excellent). Hard to find though - my grocery store only carried in in the summer (who else grills in the winter?) but after I kept hounding them - now they carry it in with the spices in the baking aisle. If you can't find it there - try with the BBQ sauces.

McCormick Wet Rub

Tuesday - steak and onions - took some t-bones out of the freezer - I've got the George Forman mean, lean grilling machine (highly recommend) - so after swimming, dinner will be a snap (the onions and garlic topping will be done ahead of time)

Wednesday - leg of lamb - garlic rub, slow roasted in the oven with baked potatoes

Thursday - Fish - haven't decided what yet

Friday - leftovers :)

See you later


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