January 11, 2007 - Day One

How to break the cycle? According to BMI - my oldest daughter is well on her way to obesity - and she's 10. Her BMI is 27.2 - anything over 25 is overweight. Over 30 is obese. It is time to break the cycle. I was always taught as a child to "finish my plate". I always equated love to food. I remember being so hungry - and "healthy food" was off limits - we weren't allowed to open the fridge and help ourselves to fruit, so instead I snuck cookies out of the closet, or even ate dry spaghetti. I look back at it now, and realize that it was because the kitchen needed to stay "clean". Well, I'd rather have a dirty kitchen, dishes in the sink, and healthy children. It's cold outside now. We have an enclosed porch - it's rather cool out there - and there is a large basket of fruit - it has pears, apples, clementines, and grapes in it. There are also grapes washed in a pan on the kitchen table. Banana's are hanging near the phone. There are plenty of healthy choices - but the idea is that I must also choose to eat healthy - because children will follow my lead. So we're off. I'll track my BMI and dd's. As I said, hers is 27.26, and mine is 30.13. By posting my menu's, my thoughts, my recipes and my workouts - perhaps I can help her break this cycle, and she will have healthy grandchildren for my and my husband to enjoy !!!


Tonight - I have turkey cutlets thawing, with that we'll do rice (steamed so I can have leftover rice stir fry tomorrow). I have ground beef thawing for tomorrow. I'll make a meatloaf or two. I rarely eat dinner on Fridays - I have my WW meeting early Saturday morning.

TO DO LIST - make a menu, make a shopping list, and stick to both of them. I already know my dad is coming for dinner on Saturday - so that means Chinese Buffet .... the rest of the week needs to be planned out and healthy.


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