Show Us Your Socks

Judy at Patchwork Times is also hosting a "Show Us Your Socks" - just visiting all the links posted makes me really wish I could learn to knit.  One day when the kids are grown and gone, I'll sit myself down with a pair of needles and some You Tube videos and really concentrate on learning how, but until then I'll amuse myself with fuzzy socks, and hand knit socks that I bought from Etsy sellers!  I have found some wonderful Etsy sellers lately - that don't even charge extra when having to knit a pair for my oversized 13's !

These are my most favorite fuzzy socks.  Fuzzy socks are worn in the a.m.'s - especially in the winter.  I get up, slather on some 100% cocoa butter, and then throw on my socks.  My heels get a tad bit softer (not too much, comes from wearing flip flops .... even in the snow!) and as a bonus my hands are semi waterproof for the rest of the morning !


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