Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy Anniversary

This past weekend was the hubsters and I real anniversary.  We usually celebrate October 31st - the day we actually met - instead of the day we got married (yes, we married 2 months after we met - that was 4 children and many, many years ago - so I guess you can say I believe in love at first sight)

We didn't go out to dinner for our anniversary.  We did go out to lunch - he went out with some business associates, I went out with Leenah and Adam.  I think I had a better time.  I got him 3 bottles of EVOO - if I told him the cost ($50 bottle) he'd freak - but he really enjoys it - it's fresh - like only a few months old - including the time it spent on the boat getting over here.  It's green, green.  And I'll borrow it once in awhile.  He didn't get me a gift.  Never does.  In the beginning - that really bothered me.  Now - if I want a gift - I buy it.  That way I get what I want ...  I still have a wonderful London Fog wool coat he bought me ... I think it was for our first anniversary .... it was about 6 sizes too big.  I keep it as a reminder why not to be upset when he doesn't get me anything.  He doesn't have a clue.  I've been debating on whether or not to buy myself a Kindle  Chances are I will buy myself one - just waiting for the perfect sale.  Since everyone already bought Kindles for Christmas - I'm sure Amazon will offer a sale price .... soon !

But, I did get one anniversary present - from my son.  Most of you know that he was born a micro preemie.  Only by the grace of God is he here.  My friends all over the world prayed for him when he was born - whether they prayed at home, in a temple, in a church, in a mosque - in English, Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, Chinese - whatever their language - they prayed, and they kept praying the entire 3 months he was in the NICU - and it worked.  Anyway - because of his birth trauma - he did have some brain injuries - which have created learning difficulties that we work hard to overcome.  One of his problems is retention.  He can learn something today - and forget it tomorrow.  You can teach it to him a million times, and he still might forget it tomorrow.  You can see where this may lead to trouble when learning the correct way to swim.  But for my anniversary - he showed me that he can do whatever he sets his mind to.  Not only did he swim, but he swam so well that he finished in first place - well ahead of everyone else in his heat.  Yes, I give his coaches a ton of credit - the head coach on our team was his first one on one teacher - got into the pool with him, had the patience of a saint, I could never thank him enough.  His current coach is the sweetest lady I know.  She also knows of his problems, yet never seems frustrated at practice when she's teaching him the same thing over and over.  My life is amazing - and that's why a simple gift like this is all I needed for my anniversary


desertskyquilts said...

Congratulations to Adam! How wonderful! And happy anniversary to you. I believe in love at first sight, too. For very good reason. =)

Marti said...

Yay Adam! Those were some worry and prayer filled days after he was born.

I buy my own presents too, birthday, Christmas, and anniversary. And now Hubby does too.