Catching Up

Wow - has it been a busy few weeks.   Let's recap -

On April 26, 2010, I turned in my final paper for my last class - so I am officially a college graduate !

To celebrate - I went to Texas with some very close quilting buddies - who surprised me with a graduation present - a batik quilt they each had a hand in making - and it was truely a surprise.  Good thing I'm not the crying sort - because that would have done me in ! 

 Our trip to Texas was wonderful, and even though we are "quilters" - not much quilting was actually accomplished !  We did have High Tea - something I've never done before.  Love the tea pot and the little tea ball with a cup on the end - will definately be getting some of those !

The flights to and from were uneventful, and I can't wait to do it again.  I'm missing some very good friends -

and of course, my friend who shared my bed the last evening of my stay

During my weekend in Texas, my daughters attended their swim banquet with their favorite Aunt.  A great time was had by all, and she snapped quite a few pictures so I wouldn't feel left out.

I came home on the 2nd of May, and the very next weekend, the girls had their first swim meet.  Both girls did wonderful.  My oldest was one of the few that actually swam better times, and my second ended up setting 5 team records, (2 of the records she broke were already hers, so I don't think they count LOL)  I'm really happy they did well.

Then Monday, oldest dd had a great softball game, making some key plays at third base, scoring a run, and batting well.  Tomorrow we are registering her for High School.  She has decided to skip 8th grade, and go right into High School, since the fine State of NJ has decided to cut lots of the advanced classes in 8th grade.  After registering - we are going to get ds out of school, and head to the nearest indoor waterpark to celebrate his birthday ! 

I also enrolled in the Biggest Loser Challenge at my local gym.  I had to have some accountability.  My first workout with a trainer left me so sore, I could barely put my own jacket on the next day, and forget about combing my hair !  Thank God for hats.  I was much better a few days later, and when I went for my second training session (yesterday) I did much better (and was still able to move today).  Now to work on my calorie intake and nutrition - I have 6 months to become the Biggest Loser !



Laura said…
You can do it, Deb, I know you'll be the biggest loser!
I miss everyone already too :-(
Marti said…
What? You came to Texas?!!!

Looks like you had fun. I love my yearly girls weekend.

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