Happy Birthday Adam

Only a 2 day celebration this year.  We started the day before his birthday with a trip to the waterpark.  Not nearly as nice as Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos - but it was a fun way to spend the afternoon - even if he was still too young for the Flow Rider (an indoor way to surf) 

He decided that he did want a tatoo to mark this wonderous occasion - and of course, I said "yes".

The next day we took party supplies, gifts for everyone, limbo stick, cupcakes, and all types of snacks as well as crafts for his classroom. It was a great time - even found out that his teacher is a star limbo'er.

She gave him his first clue, which led him on an afternoon long treasure hunt for his gifts.

Each and every gift was loved - which is remarkable. Definately a great birthday - I just can't believe how fast he's growing up !


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