Summer Swim Team

Yahoooo - Adam made the summer swim team.  His freestyle is actually getting better, not sure if he can complete a legal 25 yet, but perhaps by the time the first meet rolls around !  He's really good at floating on his back, only problem is there are no events that call for "floating"   

Of course, this means more swim suits - the girls are doing their first open water swim meet next month - should be interesting.  Long course season has already begun, with the two older girls turning in some great times.  It should be a good season.

Swim Outlet has some awesome prices on suits - this is just about the only place I'll even think about buying a suit these days - definately cheaper than bricks and mortar stores, and usually the cheapest place online.


Marti said…
Congratulations to Adam! Looks like you are going to be spending a lot of time pool side.

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