Yes Indeed - I can finally participate in DWM again, hosted by Judy at Patchwork Times

Almost a month ago (wow, does time fly) I finally graduated college after nearly 9 years (ok, ok, in reality I started in the 1980's, but we won't go there !).  To celebrate, I spent a weekend in Texas with some quilty friends.  We took up a challenge - to take some die cut fabric flowers, and use them on some type of project before the end of June.  Well, I can proudly say mine are nearly finished.

POTHOLDERS - and all out of stash (OK, the one in the upper right hand corner is a pita bread warmer, and it was made from fabric purchased in Texas, but since I didn't add that to my stash count, I can't subtract it either !)

OOOOPS - where's the flowers?

On the flip side - of course !

Excuse the one in the middle on the bottom.  I still hand sew my bindings - and I could only do so many in one sitting.  Will finish it today !


Diane said…
very nice work on the potholders, and using the stash!
And a standing ovation congratulations for graduating!! Way to go.
Teaquilts said…
Congratulations on graduating don't matter how long it took. It's a major accomplishment. Great job on the pot holders.
Quilter Kathy said…
Fun project! Congrats on your school accomplishment!

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