Did it snow much ??

You bet !

DD#2 got over missing States rather quickly

DD#1 was pretty upset that she was going to miss swimming her first 500 - but she soon got over it - and the 4 of them had a war !

Adam didn't even seem to notice he was dressed in his sister's hand-me-downs (yes, thats him in the PINK jacket - it takes a real man to wear pink !LOL)

Of course, dh just got a call from one of his tenants - so he actually drove off in this mess. I'll be praying for his safety until he pulls back in the driveway - it's still snowing - and the wind will be picking up shortly - so he may get stuck in the city. Hoping he has the sense to stay put if he can't make it home ... plenty of hotels to spend the night in !


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