More Snow -

This is the biggest storm NJ has had since the night we got married (that night - and for the next 2 days - the state accumulated over 36" of snow ! I think it was some kind of blessing from God???) Anyway - we ended up with well over 2 feet ! Awesome.

And the kids are already out

No amount of money to buy toys could have brought them more joy this weekend -

Smiles are as wide as the snow is deep. Of course, dh is off playing tennis - with instructions to bring home snow shovels - that'll be my job - to burn up all these calories I've been consuming while watching them play. Banana bread, homemade hot chocolate and chocolate/peanut butter chip cookies - life is good !


Farmee said…
Very cool. I texted you yesterday to see if you were buried...looks like you are. Very fun for the kiddos. You shoveled ALONE?

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