Amazon Top Deals -

For those of you who like one spot clicking - here are the links to Amazon's Top Deals - these along with the Gold Box Deal (see the top of any Amazon Page) will be updated daily (the gold box changes often throughout the day)

Kitchen and Gifts

Top Holiday Gifts (Some of these come in frustration free packaging - meaning you have to wrap the brown box it comes in - but each of those little pieces are NOT tied down with duct tape and twisties - a great idea when you have a bunch of little ones all clamouring to play with their new toys !

Diamond Studs (hint, hint) !

Video Games - 18 days and 18 deals

Window's 7 Netbooks - this if for those of you who didn't get the word about Toshiba's 1 hour sale a few weeks ago. I must say - Windows 7 is so very neat - DD is in love with her new laptop - and I love that it was so cheap - we could pay for it in one shot - no payments !

As always - if you are looking for a gift for that special someone - drop me an email !


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