Design Wall Monday

I've made myself some promises this upcoming New Year -

One is to always have a menu plan - I have 3 weeks done - we did about 4 out of 7 days planned last week - I consider that a success. Plus - no need to go grocery shopping all week - I bought what I needed for the week - and it worked.

Another is of course - the weight. I've got my body bugg - and logically - if I enter everything I eat/drink honestly on the computer - and upload my body bugg - I can see if I need to eat more/less to lose a good 2 lbs per week.

And third - to find some time for me everyday. For the past ten years (probably more) my life has revolved around my husband and my children. Every minute of every day was spent doing something for someone else. I felt guilty if I took a long shower. Not this year. This year - I'm going to find time to sew - maybe not everyday - but enough so that I have something new to share each and every Design Wall Monday which is hosted by Judi @ Patchwork Times

So this Monday - I'm sharing my crayon challenge blocks. I found the pattern free online - and it works perfectly for what I wanted. I won't be able to share the finish project until it's been swapped in an online exchange - but I worked on it all weekend (even though I dislike applique - I'm enjoying this project)


Farmee said…
Oh man, I'm so into what you're saying...esp. the part about our world spinning around the husband/children sun. Woot, duckee...can't wait to see how you pamper yourself!
Sharie said…
It sounds like a plan. And you are so right, all work and no play makes you a dull person. I have been through it. It is difficult to be able to do things for yourself when you work, keep house, take care of kids and a husband. I went through this is in the day when husbands thought they were kings and heaven forbid if they had to do a dish. Today, I love my play time and I do as much as I can. When you are dead and gone people won't remember if you had a dust free house, but they will remember your beautiful quilts. Have fun...........
Tamera said…
It's healthy to take some time to yourself! It's good that you came to that realization.
Diane said…
Hi! The blocks look great.
I just had to say that I used to plan my menu's and boy did it make life easier. I don't remember when I got out of that habit. I need to start again. It definately saves time-especially that standing with the fridge door open saying repeatedly, what can I make.what can I like 3:00in the afternoon-
good luck to you on your 2010 goals.
Quilter Kathy said…
I enjoyed reading about your plan for next year. I especially like the 3rd one...I'm going to try to do that too!

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