My New Car

I haven't purchased a new car since right before I met my darling spouse. When we met, I was driving a brand new Nissan Pathfinder. I loved it. But, the children came along, and when the Pathfinder went - along came Bessie ( a 95 Suburban which had 50K miles on her when we bought her). Bessie has served me well, and still does. If I need a vehicle to take me, my 4 dc, and all our beach stuff for a day lazing near the water - I take Bessie - she never minds the sand. But - some of our swim meets are up to 2 hours away. I usually only take 1 or 2 kids when we go. Since the government was giving away money - I decided to take the jump. I can fit all 4 kids in here - but all 6 of us cannot travel together in this - but that rarely happens anyway. We haven't named this new one yet - it'll come eventually - she should get 21 mpg city and 26 highway - so that'll certainly save - whatdaya think?


Farmee said…
Stylin. We're looking at doing this for Bonezee's 93farm truck.

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