First Week of Ramadan

The first week of Ramadan is always the hardest for me. I know going in it's going to be 30 days of no eating/drinking during the daylight hours. I know going in that since it's getting closer and closer to the summer months - the days of fasting are going to be longer. I know going in that the nights will be long and the kids will be grumpy from lack of sleep. BUT, after that first week - I start looking forward to each day - spending more time then usual with friends and family. I do really, really miss my coffee each day. Usually I can get through about 2 pots of coffee in a day - now I get maybe one cup in. Sometimes a second late at night when we eat - but then you know what that does to my sleep patterns ???

SO - what do I do between the hours of 5 and 8 a.m. or so when the kids get up again for the second time? Find some great online deals. Some of the ones I recently came up with was an order for Vitamuffins (my normal, everyday breakfast), a Tom-Tom GPS for dh, and car seat covers from Overstock for both dh's and I's new car. Today - need to make a calendar for 2010. I use a quilty calendar on my desk for bills, and a huge Staples calendar for the kitchen with everyone's appts - but hangning next to my desk is a calendar I made a Vistaprint last year - and I do love it. Each month is personalized. If it is a month that contains a birthday of a member of our family - then I have 3 pictures of that person on that page. This is August - a non-birthday month - so I have pics of 3 of my kids swimming. September of course is back to school - so pictures of a sweet little boy getting on his bus for the first day. So many memories - I spend lots of time smiling at this calendar - so this morning - while looking into making a new one - I saw Vistaprint also does picture notebooks - so you know what I'm doing next !

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