Lazy Days of Summer

Finally - swim season mostly over - 4 weeks upcoming of lazy days - right? Nope! Silly me, still taking college classes - still not sure why, but I'll get my degree one day and make myself proud. So - current class - Foundations of American Education - not exactly a book I want to dive into.

Been planning better meals - stocking the fridge with better foods, eating healthier, feeling better. Now to pass that on to my family. Need to get everyone moving more.

Junior Olympics at Penn State was AWESOME. DD had some good swims, and we had a good time together, just the two of us. Probably spent a little too much money on gifts - but its all good.

Here's a pic of us at the Lion's Lair

Another thing we did - Penn State Creamery - known for the fantastic ice cream - your options are with or without sprinkles (blue and white sprinkles of course) and in a cup or cone. No fancy fruit, fudge or nuts - but no need. The line was always long - but the wait definately worth it.

DD and I both had henna applied to our hands (at an Indian Resturant where we stopped for dinner) She had to swim the next day - so hers faded pretty quickly - but 2 1/2 weeks later and mine is still pretty visable.

Of course, we're heading back that way in another 2 weeks for the Zone Meet - I'm taking all 4 dc up with me and we're camping on the way back....should be a great adventure !


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