Growing Season

This was my year of hanging tomatoes. I wasn't going to spend $20 on one of those green cylinders you see hanging on everyone's porch - so I made my own. Using regular pots, I asked dh to drill a 5" hole in the bottom, planted my tomatoes, and viola. Of course, if I put them on the porch - where to put my hanging flower baskets? And it would bring bees too close to my house for me - so dh constructed a "hanger" for them this year - next year it'll look more professional - I'll do it myself LOL

And the good part - I can use the top of the pots for growing herbs - something you couldn't do in those "green" hanging planters - check out my basil -

Of course, with all the rain the basil's been growing like crazy - so I can just pop it out of the pot tops (say that 5 times fast) and put it in a "bucket" (that's dh's idea of "farming" - we call him the bucket man ....

OK - today's funny story - you'll notice there are 4 upsidedown tomatoes - because I have 4 children, and they each needed their own plant. If you know ds ... he is indeed a 6yo prince who knows how to do everything without instruction. Well, after he planted his tomato upsidedown, instead of allowing one of his sisters to hold the planter for him while he planted basil seeds on top - he promptly plopped it on the ground. Yep - half the stem broke right off. In order to stop the flow of tears - I helped him plant the broken end by my front porch steps - knowing it would die and I would wisk it away one morning and he'd forget about that broken part .... silly me.....


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