Camping in Amish Country

After a great swim at Penn State, we decided to camp on the way home, breaking that 5 hour drive up into 2 sections. We stopped at a wonderful campground - Spring Gulch.

Now - we've been backyard camping all summer - but with a toilet within 20 feet, and a full kitchen for meals - well, some would say we weren't really camping. This weekend, however, check out our tent - no bathrooms nearby !

Of course, upon closer investigations you will see 2 queen size blow up beds .... roughing it does have it's limits when you're over 40 ;)

Even though the campground itself offered lots of activies for the kids, we went over to Kitchen Kettle - simply because I love the place ! Of course, the kids didn't allow me to quilt shop AT ALL - and that's just WRONG ! We did meet a very friendly llama who was quite insistent to be fed -

We also took the touristy horse and buggy ride (they let Adam sit up front with the driver !) and then let Adam take a spin on a pony -

It was a wonderful trip - we came home with new hotdog roasters, and marshmellow sticks - and are ready to go back to the wild with our tent anytime !


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