Monday, August 25, 2008

Woman Within - AWESOME DEAL

OK - here's what I ordered -

Tops and Sweaters and cardigans - 7 pieces
Jeans - 3 pairs
Pantsets - 2 sets
pj's - 1 set
swim shorts - 1 pair
Suede Boots - 1 pair
Sweatpants - 2 pair

So that's what - 17 items (and that's saying that the pantsets are only one item - although 2 of the pantsets come not only with the pants and top, but also a pair of bonus shorts - so really - we're talking 22 items of clothing/shoes -

how much? $125 delivered. Less than $6/piece. Have I mentioned how much I love online shopping?

How you ask?

CLICK HERE for Woman Within - and use coupon code at checkout for 50% off your ENTIRE ORDER !! CLEARANCE ITEMS only - so hit the clearance tab (far right) and go shopping !!! HINT - throw everything you think you might like in your cart - by the time you hit check out - they'll be removing some of the things that sell out quickly.

Extra 50% off everything in plus size Clearance! Coupon Code: WW26016 exp 8/29

Here's some of the items available at the time of posting

Wool-blend Coat with Scarf $20 after coupon (Reg. $179.99)
Wool A-line 3/4-length coat $23.99 after coupon (Reg. $129.99)
Leather zip-pocket blazer $30 after coupon (Reg. $219.99)
Tanks, Tees & Tunics as low as $2.44 after coupon! Shoes & Boots under $10 after coupon!
Zip Shaker cardigan sweater $6.44 after coupon! (Reg. $29.99)
Women's Reebok NFL Team Nightshirt $10.50 after coupon (Reg. $34.99)
Jeans as low as $3.44!!

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