Friday, August 8, 2008

Some Updates -

OK - first order of shoes came in - wonderful. 3 of the pairs were mine - and every single pair fit wonderfully - that doesn't happen often when you have size 13 WW feet. I will definately be going back there over and over !

Second - I had ordered this clothes line tree about a month ago from Clares

Drying Clothesline

Now I know what you're thinking - $100 for clothesline - but this thing is wonderful ... so wonderful that I can't promote it enough (they do have smaller versions available - but if you're a quilter - you could probably dry every single FQ that you own at one time if you have enough pins !) Anyway - I had a problem with the bottom button - so I emailed the company - and they replied within 24 hours - and are sending a replacement directly from the company overseas - PLUS - they said they'd call the company for me to see if they could recommend a temporary fix in the meantime - how good is that for customer service (the original company is overseas - so instead of just giving me a phone number - they are taking care of that part themselves) There store has such neat things - custom made slippers, briefcases and totes, kitchen products, organization products - seems like they only carry the best of the best - and their prices are more than reasonable. I will definately be shopping there again (and NO, I don't make a commission here - but I do like to promote stores that are more than online ordering friendly)

BTW - I'll be ordering these for me and the girls this winter - gotta love a store that tells you to trace your feet to make you a pair of shoes !

Okie Dokie - off to do some real work - Have a great weekend !

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