Saturday, August 16, 2008

New Swim Season - new weight loss, new determination

Down 1.8 today - feel good. Promised myself to journal every day - even if I blow it. I'd love to see another nice loss next week. If you're a praying type of person - say a prayer for a little baby born in Ireland last Thursday - he was only 27 weeks - only about a pound and a half - so he could use as many prayers as possible.

Swim season starts again - I've enjoyed this time together with my family. But - I know swimming is an excellent exercise for them. Hopefully they'll move the kids up to the next group and push them harder - it'll help dd#1 with her weight loss efforts. Need to buy some new suits for everyone - so back to swim outlet - I'll stock up on goggles and caps as well - cheaper there than anywhere.

I have my menu all worked out - bbq this weekend - tonight is lamb chops, and tomorrow steak. Then running all next week - but I do have dinner plans each night - so I should be able to stay on track.

Until later.

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