Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lands End Free Shipping -

Everyone knows I love Lands End Not only do their clothes last forever, their customer service is great, and if something doesn't fit - you can return it to a Sears store instead of paying to ship it back. Now's your chance to try on bathing suits for free. Shipping is free - just use the code RAIN and the pin 844881720 . For those of you that are a bit larger busted - and don't like your assets falling out while you body surf - check out the 3 piece Paisley Hi-neck Tankini - comes in 2 colors, an aqua and a coral. I ordered the aqua to take to Texas - soooo comfortable, and fit very nicely - so I came home to order the coral in one size smaller (still thinking good thoughts) and found it on sale for $30 !!! Gotta love it. Also ordered a NQP girls plus bermuda short for $7. For those not familiar with shopping online at lands end, look at the top of the page and click on Overstocks, from there you can click on "on the counter" or NQP (not quite perfect) or just reduced, and get lots of bargains !!! Make SURE before you confirm that last page that you have selected the free shipping - sometimes the web page goes to a different option - even after you put in the coupon code for free shipping - they've gotta try - right?

Lands End

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