Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Home From Texas - Eye Opening Experience

Welcome back readers - wow - what a whirlwind ride I've been on ! Last Wednesday the girls and I snuck out for a long weekend away. I left them in Phila with a friend, and I flew on down to Texas to meet up with some old and some new online quilting friends. What fun we had. Our hostess and her sister were waiting on us hand and foot. I can truely say I have never, ever been pampered like that. She wouldn't even let us clear the table after ourselves, and all of us were moms and wives, so you KNOW that doesn't happen !! We didn't sew all that much, but we had sooo much laughter - it didn't matter. We did start a few new projects, and we did some major shopping - it was a wonderful trip - next time I'll definately be staying longer !!

Came home to a home that had been lived in by my 2 men. I won't bother telling the story about the down comforter and the brand new down pillows being left outside in the fresh air .... and rain :( After some major running around cleaning, getting the dishes done, and the laundry started, I managed to cut my hand open pretty good - right on the palm. Course, after already having spent a good portion of the day in airports and cars, I did NOT want to sit in the ER waiting room. Butterfly bandages close everything - right? Didn't work this time, and yesterday morning found me at the ER getting stitched right on up. I had an excellent DR. - can't say enough about what she did for me. Anyway - I'm all better now, stitches stay in for a couple weeks, then I'll let dd#1 take them out for me (good training, right?)

So, that was my excitement - oh, and the eye opener. As most of you know - I'm a long time WW - I lost 50 lbs about 2 or 3 years ago, and then wham - I hit a platue (although I don't think thats a good word for it - maybe a desert plain?) - and I haven't really lost anything since. While we were at retreat - I saw myself going right back to my old ways - but only the one morning when we were allowed to serve ourselves breakfast. Each other meal was served to us - one portion - of course, each meal different china and silver was used, and we ate at different tables both inside and outside the home, but it was the one portion that was the eye opener. I was quite content each meal - no need for seconds. Even if the first portion was no where near as large as I am used to serving at home, by slowly eating and laughing and talking to my friends, by the end of each meal - I was happy, not hungry, and not overstuffed. So - thats what we're going to do here. One portion - on the plate. Done. No seconds. If you are hungry in another hour - then you can heat yourself up a small second portion. BUT, I'm betting one plate will be enough. Course, that means throwing away what's leftover on the smaller kids plates, but I'm not going to jump up and down filling plates any longer. Everyone gets a plate. I'm sitting down and enjoying my meal. Then we clean up. Done. Wish me luck !

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Farmee said...

Yipppee ti yay...she's home from the frontier. Sounds like you had a good time. Um...remember you ARE still coming this way soon, huh?