Monday, April 28, 2008

Can't Believe It -

I ordered a new sewing machine 2 weeks ago - and waited, and waited, and waited. A friend of mine ordered hers from Overstock - and received it within a week. Finally after spending 30 minutes on the phone this a.m. - I find that my machine is backordered - would I like a full refund? YES DUH !!!

Anyway, found the same machine at Circuit City - I can either go pick it up - or have it delivered - thinking of picking it up tonight - since I'll be going right by there. About the same price - I should have done this earlier - I could have been sewing up a storm on my new machine by now - and my old one could be in the sewing machine spa getting a tune up

Will check out CC's software sale while I'm there - they sometimes have outstanding deals - check it out.

Circuit City

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