Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools -

Goal for the month - lose 10 lbs - and I'm not fooling. I have 3 months to get to Onederland - end of June I promised my back row buds - and I'm going to do it.

Journaling is definately the key for me. If I MAKE myself write everything down, then I seem to stick to my eating plans. With a vacation coming up, I need to get my eating under control now.

Made appts. for all the kids to see the peditrician. Talked to oldest about maybe seeing a nutrionist. She needs help, and I'm not giving her what she needs. I make sure she gets enough exercise, and I make sure the right foods are here for her to eat, but she still overeats, and sneaks food - not a habit I want her to develop !! So, we'll continue to talk about it - until she realizes how much "she'll help me as well" if we see about meeting with a nutrionist, and perhaps a private trainer.

Rainy day today, not too busy, hopefully work will get done early, and I'll have time to start unpacking my spring/summer clothes for my trip.


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