Saturday, March 15, 2008

WW Meeting Minutes - Forks in the Road -

Today they gave us forks when we weighed in. Interesting. How do you manage detours when you drive? Depending on the area and how well I know it - I'll either follow the detour - or make my own detour if I know the way. Perhaps that is why I haven't been so successful at WW - perhaps in making my own detour, I got so far off track (the road) that I'm actually further from my destination - if I would have only followed the correct detour in the first place - I'd be there (goal) by now.

So I saved my fork. My new anchor. My back row buds and I have challeneged eachother - my goal - to be under 200 lbs by June 28th. That gives me 15 weeks to loose 16.4 lbs. I can do that.

We're thinking of rewards if we all meet our goal. We may travel and see our old WW leader for a few days. What a hoot that would be to drop in on one of her meetings (she's in a different state down south - not exactly somewhere we could drive in a couple of hours).

So I'll be sharing my menu's, my weigh-ins and my insights - this time is going to be it.

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Farmee said...

Yes, you can! I'm there with ya. I've been doing yoga and walking...need to get the journaling going again.
Proud of ya!